Overseas and Student Membership

Student Membership


Student Membership of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers is open to people who have successfully completed the Association of Pet Dog Trainers Pet Dog Training Foundation and Part Two Instructor’s courses.

Student Members are required to do 30 hours of CPD per year, and to provide reviews of this to share with fellow Student Members.

Student members must agree to abide by the Association of Pet Dog Trainers Code of Practice and are subject to our complaints procedure in the same way as full members.

The fee is £25 per annum. This fee gives access to the Association of Pet Dog Trainers Closed Facebook Group and a Closed Facebook Group exclusively for Student Members for help, support and sharing information, as well as three copies of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers ‘Dog Trainer’ magazine. The Student Membership can be renewed for a maximum of five years before applying for full membership of the Association.

Please be aware that Student Members have to apply for full membership in the same way as any other applicant, i.e via the Association of Pet Dog Trainers assessment process.

Current Student Members

  • Judith Bryden – Dorset – emja.bryden@btinternet.com
  • Holly Carew – West Yorkshire – 07933 666628 – hollie_carew@hotmail.com
  • Keryn Collins – Dorset – 01308  863151 – keryn4canines@gmail.com
  • Hannah Cubbon – Surrey – 07577 630202 – hanz_cubs@hotmail.co.uk
  • Cat Donald – West Yorkshire – 07825 370577 – catmdonald@yahoo.co.uk
  • Imogen Gibbins – Hampshire – 07513 409594 – ig.gibbins@gmail.com
  • Victoria Girling – Cornwall – 07816 147908 – vickigirling87@hotmail.co.uk
  • Sonja Gunatillake – Bucks – 07725 476892 – smallpetservices@gmail.com
  • Sarah Hall – Worcester – 07826906525 – Sjhall80@hotmail.co.uk
  • Anna Hope – Warwickshire – 01788 879831 – info@annahopedogcoach.co.uk
  • Samantha Hughes – Leicestershire – samhug1675@gmail.com
  • Ali Jakins – Bedfordshire – 07858 992331 – ali.jakins@gmail.com
  • Fay Moffat-Roberts – Herefordshire – 07760 438593 – fayfraggle@aol.com
  • Laura Morgan – West Midlands – 07482 227221 – justlauzjayne123@yahoo.co.uk
  • Jackie Shave – Suffolk – 07818 055413 – jackie.wellheeled@gmail.com
  • Caroline Still – West Sussex – 07968 956653 – caroline.still@googlemail.com
  • Jacqueline Smallwood – West Yorkshire – 07919 483784 – jackie@dalmatians.me
  • Melissa Symonds – Northants – puppypartnershiptraining@gmail.com
  • Steve Wenham – Nottinghamshire – 07875 664708 – alfie.w1@ntlworld.com
  • Alex Wilson – Nottinghamshire – 03300 883647 – alexw@xtra.dog
  • Carla Wiltshire – Isle of Wight – carlawiltshire85@aol.com

Overseas Membership


For a number of years, the Association of Pet Dog Trainers were pleased to accept overseas members. This required the Association to confirm appropriate standards of training. However, recent events have led us to conclude that it is no longer practical to do so.

New overseas membership will no longer be accepted.

After careful consideration, we decided that with effect from May 2010, current overseas membership would have to end. This decision was taken with some regret as we are aware that we have many overseas members who are very good trainers and who adhere to our Code of Practice in their teaching methods. However, it is simply not possible to properly monitor members who reside overseas.

It is our view that the best option is for you to join with other trainers in your country in order to set up your own Association or Group to encourage the same standard of Kind, Fair and Effective dog training that the Association seeks to promote. To this end, we will be more than happy to share our Code of Practice, Assessment System and Complaints Procedure with you and offer whatever support we can to help you establish your own group.

You can, of course, become a Subscriber to the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and receive the Newsletter, which will keep you up-to-date with news and articles from the UK.

Please accept our sincere apologies for any disappointment and inconvenience this decision may cause.

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